When I spoke to a Lady in Saudi Arabia

On 22Oct12, I was buying iPhone5 from the Techia stores in Kingdom Tower. I had finished my purchase was waiting for the Technician to complete fixing the Body Guard on the iPhone 5. At that moment, a Lady (she was Arabic for sure as I could make out from the accent) came to the store with a iPad and requested the salesman to collect the same and send it for repair. The Salesman refused and said he could not do it. So, this Lady called a number (most possibly the Apple Support Center) and told the person on the other side of the phone to ask the salesman to collect the iPad and send to him for needful fix. This time the salesman agreed and collected the iPad. The Lady asked for a receipt for collecting the iPad. The salesman said it was not required. The Lady insisted and ultimately the salesman agreed. He wrote a challan and handed it to the Lady. She saw it and asked for her name and phone number to be mentioned in the challan. The salesman agreed and did the needful. She took the challan and after reviewing it gave it back to the salesman and asked him to mention the delivery date on the challan. I was very impressed at the professional approach of the Lady. When the salesman was writing the delivery date, I told her to also get the iPad serial number written on the challan. She started to unlock the iPad to get the serial number. She was unable to unlock and I understood that she was not the real user of the iPad. She called her husband for the information and was still struggling. So, I told her to give the iPad to me and she complied. I took out the cover and showed here where the serial number was engraved. She read it out to the salesman and he wrote it on her challan. She took the challan and checked it thoroughly and was satisfied.

She then came towards me and thanked me at least 3 times. I was overjoyed that I could help her and this made her so happy. This was the first instance in the last 2.5 years that I have visited Saudi Arabia when I have had any form of interaction with a Lady.

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  1. A cyber interaction!!!

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