I have often seen my team members chasing the latest programming paradigm and wanting to be called C Programmer or a Java Programmer, and more recently, Android Programmer, etc. I have always tried to convince my juniors to not become a C programmer or a Java Programmer or a .Net programmer. Instead, I have tried to make them programmers.

I have experimented with myself and seen that after 24 years of programming, I am able to learn any programming language within a matter of days. Very recently, while doing an online program from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I learnt Ruby programming within 5 days. If I am given to develop a solution using Ruby, I am very confident that I will create a world-class product. When I did a course in AutoCAD, I learnt LISP in 2 weeks.

So, I am a living proof that if you are a good programmer, then you will never become extinct as long as one finds new problems to program. And for this so many possibilities exists. For example, the Google Translator is a program that has been programmed to be Artificially Intelligent. However, it fails miserably when it translates Arabic to English. I often face embarrassment in my company as I try to understand what my colleagues have written in Yammer in Arabic using the Google Translator and find that the Google Translator produces a sentence in English which is miles away from what my colleague has wanted to say in his/her post. So, opportunities for programmer are still enormous and I am sure more and more programming challenges will evolve every day.

Do you agree?

English: Unix creator Dennis Ritchie

English: Unix creator Dennis Ritchie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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