War of the Titans

Article by my dear friend and colleague Tridibesh.

He was always a thinker and continues to amaze me with his enormous knowledge.

Information Technology Trends

iphone-android-bb-FightIt may look very strange today, but initially I was very reluctant to buy my first mobile phone. Budget was not the issue, I thought it would be a big blow to my privacy. It was late ’90; people were crazy about mobile phones! Most of the discussions during lunch break were about mobiles – feature, color, shape, weight and brand. My friends and colleagues asked me several times, “Why don’t you carry a mobile”? My answer was always the same – “Because I don’t have any”! I have a land phone in my workstation, another in my home. Why do I need a mobile phone?

In 1999, I have moved to Bangkok for couple of years.  Soon I had realized a mobile is very handy tool in a foreign land, especially if no one understands English! It’s very handy to get directions in airports, shopping malls, even if you…

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