Coffee Day

Evening, 12Apr13.

Yesterday I went to the Coffee shop next to our office. It is called “Coffee Day”. Normally, I do not need to order as the guy knows that I have 1 of 2 options – one in hot coffee and one in cold coffee. The guy had formed some sort of formula and used to predict whether he would give hot coffee or cold coffee. I used to go by his choice immaterial of whether it was in my mind or not.
Yesterday, I found a new guy at the counter. So, I told him that I needed a cold coffee. I was expecting to be asked whether to add cream and chocolate or not. This is easy for me to answer as the answer needs choosing between “Yes” and “No”. However, this guy gave me 5 options and I did not understand anything. So, I told him one of 5 words that came to my mind. He again gave me another 3 options. This time I was floored. So, I pointed to the Philippine worker in the shop and told him to ask him as the Philippine knew what I needed as he normally made the coffee. This solved the problem and I also asked to be given a croissant. The matter was closed and I got what I needed.

Today, I went to the shop again. To avoid the confusion, I told him to give me a “Hot Latte, Medium Size, Medium Sugar”. I thought I was very smart as I got no questions in return. Then I told him to add a croissant. This time he again gave me 5 options. This was too much for me as yesterday I had no challenge with the croissant. As there was a long queue behind me, I pointed to the croissant on the display and told him that is the one I wanted. However, he still pressed his 5 options. I gave up and told him to give me whatever he wanted to give me. As I had a credit card, I was sure that I could pay whatever was the cost.

I got the croissant and the Latte and smoked a Cohiba. Now, I am back and need completing my assignments. Also, I have to create a presentation using PowerPoint. So, I am not sure when I would go home.


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