I called the SABB Call Center. After I got connected and completed authentication, I asked the gentleman to please let me know my present outstanding on my SABB credit card. He told me that as per the last statement, the amount was SR X (I am too ashamed to state such huge figures in public. I am more afraid of Deepshree). I told him I knew that as I had received the statement on time and I had gone through the same earlier and presently it was open in front of me. I wanted the current outstanding as I had made some payments during the month. He checked his records and listed the payments I had made during the month. He then added all the payments during the month and told me that I had paid SR Y. All this time, I was noting down all the figures in my note-book.

Then, he asked me “So, what is the outstanding?”. As I am very good in adding and subtracting numbers, I quickly calculated by hand the value of (X – Y). I found that the answers was Z. After checking 2 times, I told him that the outstanding should be SR Z. He congratulated me and asked whether he could be of any more service. I thanked him for enlightening me and told him that I did not need anything else now. We hung up.

A very large collections call centre in Lakela...

A very large collections call centre in Lakeland, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. Superb! It kept my interest in reading and I enjoyed it.

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