Learnt something interesting about the time when human being did not know about agriculture. At this time, they depended purely on hunting. The first trace of human being in the Americas are traced to have come from Northern Europe. The human being lived in Northern Europe as they could hunt Bears and Mammoths. When the ice started receding, the animals moved towards the Americas. The human beings followed the animals as they needed hunting them for food.

On arriving in Americas, the human being met the Bison. By this time, human beings had almost finished off all the Mammoths. The Bears did not choose to come down from the cold places. So, now human beings needed hunting Bison for food. However, Bison was very different from Bears and Mammoths. The Bison gets alerted of any presence very quickly and then just skittles around aimlessly. Because of this, the Bison is very difficult to hunt. In addition, the Bison always moves in a herd and thus causes stampede.

So, the human beings found an ingenious method. They found a cliff from which the fall was deadly. At the bottom of the cliff, they placed the best rocks. When the Bison was grazing, the human beings would take position in the opposite end of the cliff and raise an alarm. On being alarmed, the herd of Bison would start to skittle. As the Bison would try avoiding the human beings, they would head towards the cliff and fall from the cliff to their fatal death.

In evidence of this theory, Archaeologists have found such a cliff in Canada called the “Head-Smashed-In“. Below this cliff, the Archaeologists have found that for about a mile distance, there is a 9 meter high deposit of Bison carcasses.


English: Mammoth Equities Corporate Sculpture

English: Mammoth Equities Corporate Sculpture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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