My Work Preferences

Expectations from a Job

Like being involved in solving challenging issues.

Comfortable building complex products, complex business models and managing complex projects.

  • Have worked on large long-term initiatives.
  • Have good experience in working on small and low-budget engagements.

Love working with the Customer for solving real life issues; rather than work on creating Theoretical Models.

  • Have reasonable amount of educational background for abstracting issues and for creating generalized solutions.
  • Very useful in projects with pressure on Time and Budget.
  • Have excelled in creating Rapid Solution Models including Technical and Non-Technical aspects.
  • Have proven record of building long-term relationship with Customers.
  • Have good record of having turned a few unhappy Customers to very happy Customers.

Can work with small teams and large teams and all by myself.

  • Can work across most levels of the projects right from strategic management & formulations to coding & testing & operations.

Prefer working against defined quantified goals tied to the Business Targets.

  • Have proven record of having managed Business with high EBIT year-after-year.


Upfront, commit to producing Business Value worth minimum 20 times my Cost To The Company through my work products.

Location Preference

Have no location preference.


Stamina for being able to work very long hours without any breaks for very long periods of times.

  • Have worked at a stretch for nearly 3.5 years every day (including weekends and holiday); for an average of 13 hours per day; availing less than 20 days of absence from the office during this period.

Good memory that makes it possible to use most of my past experiences.

Good skills for articulating complex concepts in very simplified form.

Have decent level for patience for dealing with most types of people in this world.

Very good at monetisation of any solution and work quantum.


Do not prefer rigid work hours. However, rarely miss scheduled meetings.

Prefer music while working.

Take a nap during work on occasions as my sleep pattern is not very structured.

Take medicines regularly for control of Blood Sugar levels. Generally, maintain normal Blood Sugar levels.

I make mistakes.

Time Selector

Time Selector (Photo credit: Telstar Logistics)

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