Paikari – Interconnect Management System

We introduce our interconnect Management System – Paikari.

Paikari in Bengali means Wholesale. This software handles all aspects of Wholesale Billing as required by Telecom Operators around the World.

The software handles all Partner Management aspects. Partner agreements can be handled in-house using the Wizard based interface. For getting Rate Charts and other inputs from Partners, the software provides a Portal accessible by the Partners. The Partners can upload their details in pre-defined templates developed using Excel. Paikari will validate the details and insert into the system. Paikari keeps complete history of these details and applies them during Rating, Re-Rating and Re-Processing.

Paikari comes with a powerful Rating Engine. Rating Engine is customisable and the Rating rules can be easily modified using a GUI. Rating Engine has been tested for a throughput of 5 million CDRS per hour on a HP Server with 16 GB RAM and 4 Core Processor running Red Hat Linux 7.2 and Oracle 12g.

Least Cost Routing feature of Paikari uses Artificial Intelligence. We have developed Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) based on existing data from a Telecom Operator. Before deploying this module, we recreate the model on the data from the Telco’s network.

Paikari comes with System Monitoring Tools developed using Splunk, HP Open View, Netcool and Remedy. Remedy can be easily replaced with the Ticketing Tool used by the Telecom Operator.

Paikari exposes APIs which can be used to develop Mobile Applications around the systems data.

Download the Product Features from this link – Paikari Product Features.

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