Learning R through an Example – Part 2

We introduce our first Training Video – Learning R through an Example. We have created this program in 2 videos so that file size of each video is not too big. Please find below the Part 2 of this program.

The Video:

  • Learning R through an Example – Part 2

The slides



Upcoming Programs:

  • Programming Recurrent Neural Network for Predicting Share Market

  • Programming Convolution Neural Network for Access Control System

  • Practical Solaris System Administration




Please contact us if you would like us to conduct these training customised to your requirements.

Email: partha.majumdar@majumdarconsultancy.in

Mobile: +91 97406 42096


If you likes our program, please contribute USD 5.00 so that we can continue to produce more useful programs in future. This is completely voluntary and there is no obligation for the same.

Evaluating a Mutual Fund Portfolio - Slide 3

Evaluating a Mutual Fund Portfolio

This video states one of the methods for evaluating a Mutual Fund Portfolio. The method explained in the video can also be used to evaluate a Shares Portfolio.




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