The Tie


I am working with a team from Accenture. The team from Accenture comprises of 3 high-ranking Italians. We have been working very hard and very late everyday on a RFP. Today, I happened to not wear a tie.

In the afternoon, we had a meeting with IBM Top Guns and as it was a Governance Meeting, I put on a tie before going for the meeting.

After the meeting, when I came back to the team from Accenture, the Italians told me that they would not work with me anymore. This was because I wore a tie to attend meeting with IBM and did not wear one when I had been in meetings with them.

I kept my tie on till we all went for dinner at 11:00 PM and took out the tie only when the Italians took off theirs in the restaurant.

We all had a very good laugh and lot of fun.

Fugly ties

Fugly ties (Photo credit: InfoMofo)

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