My first experience with Publishing

My mother always said that everything happens for a reason. When I was young, I blindly believed her and thus was happy. When I grew up and things began going wrong for me, I became starting doubting what my mother had said. I began seeing designs by people in making things not work for me. Again, when issues got resolved and a new beginning occurred, my faith in my mother’s statement was restored. After a few iterations of this process, now I was firmly sure that everything happens for the good and the events in between occur for a reason.

Yet, there was a flaw in this understanding. In this process, I became more strongly bonded to The Almighty. My trust in The Almighty was unwavering now and it continues to be so. The more I learn different subjects, I am more and more delighted at the genius of The Almighty. But then I had forgotten that The Almighty is not just the formless, invisible, ever-expanding, ever consuming, etc. being. The Almighty actually also resides in every creation of The Almighty. These Almighty created by The Almighty also do everything for a reason. I prove my case with my experience in publishing my first book with Partridge.

I wrote a book based on my learning from a program on Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Or so I thought. I showed to my family. They said that what I had written made sense to them. My wife asked to see possibilities for publishing it. As I had no idea, I approached our lawyer for help. The lawyer suggested 3 publishers. The lawyer also suggested applying for Copyrights of the book before publishing. I sent the material to the lawyer and she applied for the Copyrights.

I found that for 2 of the publishers, I needed having a taxable account in USA. So, I had no choice but to approach Partridge. I first sent my first 2 chapters for their consideration. I understood that I could have to wait for 6 months before they could get back. I waited patiently for 2 weeks. Then I got impatient. I found their different packages from their web-site. I made a choice of the “Amber” package and requested for their consideration. Almost immediately, I got a call from one Publishing Consultant. I was just delighted.

The Publishing Consultant explained the process. I thought that I understood. So, I agreed for making the payment for the “Amber” package. I wire transferred the agreed amount through HDFC Bank. Again I waited. On the day of Saraswati Puja, I received a call from Partridge informing me that my book was accepted and I needed following the process with my Editing Consultant for completing the book. I could not have asked for more. And that this happened on the day of Saraswati Puja, it made me think about some Devine intervention. My Publishing Consultant also informed me that Partridge had granted a promotion for writing a second book. Now, this was a real bonus.

For the next 6 weeks, we went over the material and formatted it using tools including Apple iBook and Microsoft Word. Ultimately, my Editing Consultant announced that she was ready to send the material for Quality Checks. I heard from her after about 5 days that the material had passed the Quality Checks. So, she wanted my approval for sending the material for printing. In my excitement, I approved the material. Within a week time, I received a call from my Editing Consultant that the book was live. It was the 19th of March, 2014. My happiness was unbounded. I announced to all my friends through FaceBook and LinkedIn and WordPress that I had now become an Author.

I opened the book and started reading it again. I noticed that there were 4 grammatical mistakes. I was heart-broken. I wrote to my Editing Consultant about it. I could see that the book was put on the shelves in the Amazon web site and they had advised buyer that they could ship the book in 3 weeks. My Editing Consultant advised me that they could make the corrections before the shipping could start. However, there was fee to be paid for the same. The changes were made and sent for my approval. Again, I read through the material thoroughly. I found 4 different mistakes this time. I requested my Editing Consultant for help in correcting them. I paid the associated fee. But when sending the errors, I had forgotten the location of one of the errors. So, I sent her 3 errors telling her that I would rectify the 4th error in the next edition.

Late that night, I read the book once again. I found the 4th error. So, I wrote to my Editing Consultant for incorporating this 4th error and I would pay for the same. My Editing Consultant was most kind and got back next morning informing that Partridge would not charge for the 4th error. The book was now ready. Within an hour, I saw that Amazon had announced the Kindle version of the book.

While all this was going on, the Marketing Team got in touch with me. We discussed at length the various approaches we would take for marketing the book worldwide. As I am least knowledgeable about this aspect, I submitted to her that I would try to follow what she advises. I would, however, use my basic Arithmetic knowledge to constantly check whether 2 + 2 is equal to 4.

I am now in a trance. The book is live. My friends have expressed desire for reading it. Some of my friends want an autographed copy. I am planning a launch of the book in Oxford Book Store in Kolkata. And then I am working on completing my second manuscript.

Book Cover - "Origin of the King"

Book Cover – “Origin of the King”

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