In India, the people who are the major defaulters of taxes are the extremely rich people. This is not to say that the middle class does not evade tax. However, if the volume is considered, then the amount the middle class evades (though there is a huge difference in numbers) is far less than what the upper class hides. When we have such morality in the society, it is not a choice for the society that there be measures like imposing higher taxes for the rich.

The imbalance in the Indian society between the rich and the poor is not entirely due to the Libertarian Principles. Most of the rich are rich today because of wrong use of constitution of the country. The rich did not become rich because they actually created a utility which was very useful for the society. There are such rich people also in India like the Tatas or the Birlas or the Godrejs, etc. In other words, if most of the rich in India were to be evaluated, they should find themselves behind bars. This is not the case in India simply because all these rich people have assumed positions in the all aspects of Governance and they are able to manipulate the law as and how they feel like. So, the burden of carrying the society forward is squarely on the shoulders of the middle class; which is far more honest comparatively. And more importantly, the middle class still has the fear of The Almighty and thus are still scrupulous.

So, if these rich in the middle class were to be taxed in excess to create a platform for bringing the poor out of their poverty; it is a decent choice for the society. This is also as per our age-old teachings whereby we should first try to be human and then try to be rich or poor. So, from our religion of Humanity, we should do whatever little we can do to help someone who is less able than us.

However, it is also taught to us through our history that every man must earn whatever he needs. It is improper to accept anything for free. This is because if something is not earned, the value of the same is not realised. And when one person is ready to part with something that he/she has toiled to earn, it is a crime that this offering be wasted by someone else.

So, the excess tax extracted from the rich should be used for creating utilities like schools, colleges, medical centers, etc. The access to these facilities should be nominally charged for the poor so that their lives can be improved. However, this does not mean that we should reserve these facilities entirely for the poor. There are many Officers and Doctors and Engineers who have attained their degree through the quota like Scheduled Class quota and as such. Since they did not have to compete, they never realised the value of this gift. As a result, we have very poor administrators or Engineers or Doctors, etc in these people. This is, by no means, healthy for the society as we are creating another set of rich from these poor who will only exploit the society even further. And at the same time, they are a constant threat to the society as they actually do not know their job. We have scores of Doctors who have come from the Quota rule, who have no idea about how to treat patients. The patient is assured death in such hands.

Disparity of rich and poor in Rio de Janeiro

Disparity of rich and poor in Rio de Janeiro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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