In Thailand, I got to use the ATM for the first time in 1995. At that time, there were no ATM in India. Soon, I understood how to withdraw money and was comfortable in the same. One day, after a very busy day in office, I went to the ATM to withdraw money and by mistake punched in 10000 Bahts instead of 1000 Bahts. So, I had far too much cash in hand and did not feel safe about it. I wanted to put back 9000 Bahts and was struggling with the ATM about how to carry out the same. Seeing me struggle, a Thai approached me at the ATM. He spoke very little English and I was not sure how much English he understood. As he wanted to help, I tried my best to explain to him that I wanted to deposit 9000 Bahts. He said, no problem. He asked me to insert my card and key in the PIN. I did so and then he took over. He did something and withdrew another 9000 Bahts and gave it to me.

Nice ATM

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