Helmet Law

Photo © by Jeff Dean

Photo © by Jeff Dean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The question is whether the Government is justified in enforcing people to wear helmets while driving 2-wheeler.

The best teachers are the ones who can explain the beauty of any concept in a way through which the students feel compelled (internally from within himself or herself) to adhere to the spirit of the concept. A student ultimately never respects a teacher who tries to enforce the concept through use of force.

Similarly, if the Government feels that wearing a helmet would enhance the safety on roads of the people, it should educate the population adequately instead of enforcing it as a law. I have always found the use of Statistics amazing in explaining my team about what we need doing. I have tried and seen that I am able to get my team to do what I intend them to do without having to tell them what to do; instead I put forward my numbers and the basis how I gathered them and then ask them to do what their minds think best. This method works. I have also been in a situation where I made very good programming rules and could not have them followed; simply because I tried enforcing them. Though it can be argued that it is wrong to compare a project team size to the population of a country; it cannot be taken away that the very best philosophers are followed by people even at this age for many of their theories eons after they have ceased to exist on this earth.

After all, we all believe in incorporating a useful idea as a habit into the blood of the people. Once ingrained in the blood, it becomes a matter of day-to-day adherence to the concept. This acceptance can come only if the person accepts the idea from his/her heart.

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