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Morning, 12Apr13.

I was very grumpy yesterday since morning. I wanted to run away to a lonely island. Anyway, I went to office. I did some work through the day. At 10PM, I locked my office and started homeward. I thought of visiting the Barber shop for a shave as they also give a massage and I thought this would be relaxing.

So, I went to my Bangladesh Barber shop. The moment I went to the shop, the 3 co-owners greeted me as usual. I waited for about 5 minutes and got my turn. However, when I took my seat, the barber – Seal – went out and got tea. They usually treat me to tea unless there is a lot of rush. I had the tea while chatting with them. Then, they gave me the shave. Suddenly, Sapan (another barber) proposed if I would have dinner in their house. I consented. Seal finished my massage, took the money and rushed home. The other 2 asked me to sit. They got me a coke. I had the coke and smoked a cigar.

The other 2 finished their last customer and started cleaning the shop. 2 more customers came to the shop. They refused to serve them as they informed the shop was closed. After they have completed cleaning the shop, they closed the shop and took me to their house. It was a small house where 6 of them stay. I sat in the passage which they use as the kitchen. They were cooking fish curry and dal and rice and fish fry. I sat there and chatted about my tours to Bangladesh. We smoked some cigars and cigarettes.

After they finished cooking, one by one each of them took bath. Then, they spread newspaper on the floor. We all sat around the newspaper. They spread the food on the newspaper. And we all had lovely rice, dal, fish fry and fish curry. Then we all cleaned up the place. After washing ourselves, we sat and watched the TV. These guys got a huge plate of fruits. We all had fruits. I was too full. We kept chatting about all sorts of things. At 3:00 AM, I took leave and came home.

Their kindness has rekindled my enthusiasm. I am back to my jolly self now. The Almighty comes in so many forms when I need him.

A barber shop in Varanasi.jpg

A barber shop in Varanasi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jawed Habib Barber Shop in India

Jawed Habib Barber Shop in India

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