Corporate Values

In our organisation, we have 5 core values. Two of these values are “Respect” and “Reliable”. We were debating whether, these two values should be treated as secondary and we should consider the other 3 values as primary. I consider that I need adopting the corporate values at my personal level. Only then the Corporate Values can actually be successfully implemented. After all, the organisation is nothing but all of us.

I saw a cartoon movie long time back titled “Mulan“. In the movie, during the training session for new recruits to the Army, the soldier is given a goal to climb a pole. Any soldier could have climbed the pole effortlessly. However, the General says that the soldiers need climbing the pole with 2 weights in both hands. Now, the job is very difficult for any soldier and they have to struggle to fulfill the goal. The training concludes when each soldier is able to scale the pole with the weights.

The learning from this movie that I gathered is that it is less important to accomplish the goal. It is more important to accomplish the goal without compromising with any of the core principles. So, as far as I am concerned, all the five values are equally important and I would consider myself successful in any job in my organisation if I am able to carry out any task in the organisation without any compromise on any of the 5 values.

Further, I consider that if I am not respectful to my colleagues and superiors and subordinates, I can succeed a few times and not always as for me it is impossible to carry out more than a few things without the help of my colleagues and superiors and subordinates (Actually there are actually no subordinates. They are my colleagues).

Also, I believe in Engineering solutions and not creating a piece of art. So, if I do not have a repeatable formula for consistent output, my solution is inadequate and still incomplete. Being predictable so that anyone could blindly rely on me, is the highest honour for me.

What are the considerations for Corporate Values in your organisation?

A terracotta soldier with his horse.

A terracotta soldier with his horse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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