Starting Section on QA Management

On 28May11 I was appointed as the Executive Manager for IT Quality Assurance at Mobily and posted to Riyadh. Previously, I had been involved with Software Development and Delivery for more than 23 years and so this was an absolutely untested ground for me. Added to that was that I had never worked in the Middle East Asia till that point of time. The challenge was huge.

On my first meeting with the CIO, I was informed that the company had appointed 5 QA Managers in the past 6 years and had fired 3 QA Managers. I swallowed this piece of information, cleared my mind and sat down to formulate a strategy to go about the job. Most of what I planned had no guarantee to work as none of that was tested and tried. However, there was a single common thread across the entire strategy and it was

“We will give whatever we have even if it is very little and carry out every piece of activity with utmost sincerity and honesty.”

After about one and half-year, I have heard some of the Senior Executives state that IT QA is the best department in Mobily IT. A few days back I received a SMS from the CIO stating that I had proved to be the best manager in Mobily IT. All of this credit goes to the great team that I am so fortunate to lead. It has been a great fortune to be a part of this great team and I am very grateful to the Almighty to have made this alliance.

In less than 1 month (01Dec12 to be precise), our team will no longer exist as we are outsourced to IBM. I will continue to manage the department. However, now I will manage the IBM team being a part of the thin layer in Mobily IT.

Starting today, I start this section to document all of our strategies that we adopted during this period and what worked and what did not work. I would be very grateful to all for your patronage. I would very appreciative if you could share your experiences on the strategies and enrich me with what could have been done differently and/or how we could have optimised the strategy.

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