A View of Earth from Saturn

A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

In my University, this week we were discussing the issue of “Plagiarism”. We discussed various uses of technological advances in this context. We debated how the real credit could be given to the creator. We also discussed the downside of not working on this aspect and the impact on the society.

All through the discussion I was wondering and was absolutely stupefied. Yes, we can develop technology to prevent such a menace. We have made decent progress in this matter as well. However, are we really working on eradicating this issue from the root? Are we not merely trying to “prevent” such nuisance?

In my observation, 70% of the available land mass on our Earth is occupied by 30% of the population of this World. So, 70% of the population live on 30% of the Earth. I believe that this is main reason for so much amount of competition among the human beings. This competition is the main reason for adoption of such malpractices. It is actually a matter of survival and not a matter of moral. So, if we are indeed serious about engineering a solution for an issue like plagiarism, could we consider finding ways to redistribute the population across the available land mass? This should allow for better availability of needed resources for basic well-being for making a decent existence on this Earth for everyone. The satisfaction of basic needs should help reduce competition for survival and should help in improving morals among the human race.

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