Quality Assurance as Policemen

At the French border, 5 Belgians, travelling in a Quatro, were stopped by a French Policeman. He told them that Quatro means four and since they were 5 Belgians, he would have to fine them. The Belgians were aghast and told them that Quatro was a five-seater car and so what was the problem. They took out the manual and showed it to the French Policeman. The French Policeman did not agree and said Quatro means four and so it had to be maximum four. The Belgians abused the French Policeman and told him to call his Boss as he was stupid. The French Policeman told them that it was impossible as his boss was dealing with 2 Italians travelling in a Uno.

This is just a joke and not reality. This is not a real incidence. However, I use this to drive the below discussion.

Have you ever come across a Quality Assurance Department modeled in the way of the French Policeman? If yes, how did you deal with such a Quality Assurance Department? What methods did you use to remodel such department?

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