Torturing a Suspect


News is that a bomb has been planted in a city and is scheduled to blow off in 24 hours. Police have rounded up suspects. Should the Police torture the suspects to extract information about the bomb?

My point of view

The statement states that “a Suspected Bomber” to be tortured for extracting information. The very fact the person in question is merely a “suspect” makes it a case for NOT torturing him/her under any circumstances. As he/she is a suspect, it is not entirely known in the first place whether the person actually has the needed knowledge. Torturing a human being is an irreversible act which can be undone if it was not the right thing to do. So, under this circumstances, if the person (suspect) is tortured and the information are not extracted and if the bomb actually blows off, then we would end up with a tragedy and a completely destroyed person.

Further, if the Police are unable to find the bomb, they should bear the consequence of this, as it is their primary responsibility to be able to unearth the bomb. They cannot resort to means of diluting their responsibility by resorting to torturing (possibly) innocent people just because they are in the desperate situation due to their inefficiency.

What do you think?

Spc. Colby Richardson detains a man after he i...

Spc. Colby Richardson detains a man after he is identified as a possible suspect. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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