Starting Section on Computer Programming

Dear Friends,

I am starting a section for technical stuff in my blog. I plan on putting practical solutions to everyday computer software programming issues in this section. While I have decent expertise in Telecom and ERP domains, I can do a reasonable job in many other areas of application of the computer software. I plan on posting videos of lectures on UNIX and popular programming languages for a start. It could be useful for school children learning computer programming.

If you face an issue in these areas from your work domains, request your writing to me at this address.


I could give you a solution. More often, I could contact one of my associates to get a solution and relay it to you. Or I could read books and browse the Internet to get you a solution. However, all of these solution would form a part of the blog which could help children understand computer programming from a practical, industrial point of view.

I may not be able to answer all the requests as I need doing work at office as well to keep the salary flowing into my bank account. However, as I am used to working long hours, I could cover a decent percentage of the requests.

Thanks for all your help and support in advance.

With Best Regards,
Partha Majumdar

AmeriCorps-Computer Program Joke

AmeriCorps-Computer Program Joke (Photo credit: farrellink)

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