Being a Bangalorean

I love FM. However, recently an advertisement has been thoroughly confusing me. And the advertisement is very important for me as I love Bangalore and the advertisement is about being a Bangalorean.

In one version, the advertisement says that “Being aware of Air Pollution is important; however what about Noise Pollution“. In another version, it says that “Being aware of Noise Pollution is good; however what about Air Pollution”. At the end of both the advertisements it says “Be a Bangalorean first”.

My confusion is what is “being a Bangalorean”. Whether being a Bangalorean is “helping in reducing Air Pollution” or “helping in reducing Noise Pollution”. I hate such confusing messages as it puts pressure on my head as I have to think. They should be clear and say either “reduce Air Pollution to be a Bangalorean” or “reduce Noise Pollution to be a Bangalorean”.

Now, it is known fact that both “Air Pollution” and “Noise Pollution” are ultimately “Pollution” (this comes straight from set theory. Even stupid people like me understand this). And “Pollution” is empirically something “not good” (At least I am yet to across any “pollution” which has a good outcome). So, both “Air Pollution” and “Noise Pollution” is bad.

Another fact comes from techniques of “problem solving” which simply says that if one tries to solve all the problem in one shot, the only possible result is that the problem will not be solved. The theory is generally not extended to cut shock. The extension is that “not only the problem will not be solved if one tries solving everything in one shot; the problem will aggravate further”.

One solution possible with my approach is as follows (I anyway cannot solve anything except adding 2 number. However, I keep trying as I am stupid. And my basic formula is that always I take out a small part of the problem and work on it. So, if you ask me to add 5 + 7 + 9 + 3 + 10, I will take out 5 + 7 and try solving it. If I succeed, then I will try solving 9 + 3; and so on). In this case, one way to make the scope small is to divide the problem in 2 parts – “reduce Air Pollution” and “reduce Noise Pollution”. Then, we could set up parameters to find which of “Air Pollution” and “Noise Pollution” is causing more concern at the moment. Whichever of the 2 is causing more concern, could be taken up for solving first and the other next. However, being aware of both problems is good as while solving one, we will take considerations so that the other problems is not aggravated largely (some amount of impact cannot be avoided in any circumstance).

To me, “Air Pollution” should be a bigger concern than “Noise Pollution” at the moment (though I have not done any Arithmetic to decide this). Due to “Air Pollution”, the climate of Bangalore is becoming hotter than before. This can be stated safely as it has been firmly established that Carbon emission does cause Global Warming. It can be also said that “Noise Pollution” has less impact on the climate than “Air Pollution” (It is unlikely that due to loud noise, the sky will open and it will start raining. However, if people do not get enough sleep, they will drink more Coffee and this will cause the Gas Stove to be used more; which will emit more Carbon; and thus will result in “Air Pollution”. However, impact of Carbon emission from kitchen is likely to be much less than the impact of Carbon emission from vehicles and industries).

Now, Global Warming can lead to situation where Bangalore may become a desert in few years and thus sustaining life in Bangalore would be difficult. It is not likely that we would find Petroleum in Bangalore at that time to reap dollars and thus live in Bangalore.

On the other hand, “Noise Pollution” can lead to less sleep for the residents of Bangalore. This could lead the people of Bangalore staying awake longer. With companies implementing BYOD and “Work-from-home”, the people could do some office work besides drinking Coffee while they are awake for the extra hours. This will lead to more Multi-Nationals setting up shops in Bangalore; and this will lead to further growth of Bangalore Economy; and thus make Bangalore more liveable.

Vidhan Sauda

Vidhan Sauda (Photo credit: EffervescentEva)


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