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On 15Mar13, I went to Kingdom Center in the evening to buy a pen for my friend on the occasions of his birthday. I found the shop and chose the pen. When I was ready to make the payment, the shopkeeper noticed my Mobily ID Card. He introduced himself as Mohiuddin and told me that he was from Kerala in India. I had all the time known that he was from India and now it was confirmed. Mohiuddin inquired about how long I was working for Mobily and other matters of general knowledge. I was happy to answer all his questions.

Then he stated that he needed a Connect device. He informed that he was presently using a STC dongle. I told him that I would get back to him with the best plan available from Mobily as I did not carry that information at that moment. After a bit more inquiry, I suggested that he could consider procuring a LTE Router as well as I felt that it would be useful for him and his family. He liked my suggestion. So, he gave me the task for finding out the best available plan for a Connect device and a LTE Router. He took out his calculator and did some arithmetic and told me to pay SAR 189. I was stunned as I thought the price was SAR 221. Anyway I paid as requested and thanked Mohiuddin and took leave.

On 18Mar13, I requested Kapil to find out the best plans available for Connect devices and LTE Router connection. Kapil came back to me with the suggestions on 19Mar13. Armed with the information, I went back to the Kingdom Center just a little while later on 19Mar13. I found Mohiuddin at his counter. I explained the available options as explained to me by Kapil. Mohiuddin seemed extremely excited and informed that he would make the purchase next week as his existing connections had been paid till that point of time. I was extremely happy as I thought I was useful for Mohiuddin. I took leave. However, Mohiuddin called me back. I thought he had forgotten something and thus wanted more clarification. Instead, he reached out to one of the drawers in his shop and pulled out a Gucci After Shave Balm. He gave it to me and insisted that I accept it he was grateful for the information I had provided.

I am nothing but grateful for this fortune of having met Mohiuddin. I hope his experience with the Mobily connection would be just out of the world.

GUCCI After Shave Balm

GUCCI After Shave Balm

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