First Exam with TM Forum


Once again an evening full of adventure. Since morning, I was studying for my exams with TM Forum. This was sure an overkill as I studied for 2 full days during last weekend and this was an elementary level exam. I was helped as the only meeting scheduled for the day was postponed to tomorrow.

At 4:45 PM, I decided to start for the examination center as I had to be there by 5:15 PM. I was very confident as I had seen Holiday Inn during some rides around Riyadh City with Navas. Just before getting into the lift, I thought of reconfirming the venue. Rizwan and Eathesham told me that the particular Holiday Inn was on the Airport Road and was quite far from our office. Also, they told me that there would be rush as lots of people would be leaving office.

I rushed out of the office and got a taxi and sat inside. Once in the taxi, I asked the gentleman how much he would charge and I was told 40 SAR. I told him to let me get off the Taxi. However, he would not stop the taxi and offered 30 SAR. I still insisted on getting off and about to jump out of the running Taxi. The gentleman offered 25 SAR and I settled down in my seat and put the seat belt. We had a lovely conversation during the journey and he dropped me at Holiday Inn. I was relaxed as it was 5:10 PM. I reached the reception to be told that there was no booking from TM Forum in the hotel. Now, I was puzzled. So, I called Andrew, who had promised to meet me for the examination. Andrew informed me that the venue was changed to Hilton Garden Inn. Now, Hilton is in opposite direction from my office to Holiday Inn. Anyway, Andrew told me that he would wait for me.

I took another Taxi and negotiated for 25 SAR. I confirmed with the gentleman whether he knew Hilton Garden Inn and he said he did. We reached Olaya Street and were faced with massive jam. Once, we crossed Kingdom Tower, I was looking for Hilton. On reaching the Computer Market, the gentleman stopped the Taxi and asked a passerby about where was Hilton. I immediately phoned Navas and asked for the direction. Navas confirmed that I was about 200 m from Hilton. I reached Hilton at 5:50 PM. I rushed to the examination hall. Andrew was there waiting for me. He had my question paper and answer sheet and pencil ready. We had a small talk and I helped myself to a cup of tea. Andrew explained me the rules of the examination and in the end told me that if I had any doubt I could ask him. Andrew also gave me 1 hour from 6:05 PM.

I started the exam and answered 37 out of 40 questions. For 2 questions, I guessed the answer. With the 36th question, I was confused between whether the answer was 2 or 3. I thought of asking Andrew. Then, my ego came into picture and I guessed “3” as the answer and submitted my answer sheet along with the question paper at exactly 6:30 PM. Andrew checked whether I had marked all the answers or not. We talked for about 15 minutes and I took leave of Andrew.

Now, I am back in my office. I will have to wait for 4 weeks for the results to be declared. I think I should pass. If I do not pass, then my company has to seriously think whether it is worth paying me extra amount to be the Architect. Anyway, I am not thinking anything at the moment. After a cigar, I will be back in Professor Ani Adhikari’s class for the Stat 2.2.X.

US Navy 040115-N-5821W-003 Sailors focus on ex...

US Navy 040115-N-5821W-003 Sailors focus on exam questions during the annual E-7Advancement Examination administered at the Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella Fitness Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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