Rewarding Potential

I have been involved in recruitment of a number of professionals – senior, juniors and fresher. I was fortunate to be included in interview boards for staff to be hired at positions senior to my own. I have also had the fortune of being involved in this activity in different countries – India, Thailand, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia (so, Asia and Europe). In the process I worked with multiple HR Managers and saw how their minds worked. There is one particular case which has bothered me all these years.

There are some people whose true potential is not clear during the interviews and this gets expressed when he/she is actually engaged in the organisation. In my observation, these are people who are not very good at selling their potential and are generally introverts. In general, this category of people can be purchased/hired at costs lower than the budget. When the potential is understood, it has always become a headache for me to work out a suitable formula for them during the appraisals. As there are caps as how what is the maximum increment that can be given, it has always been very difficult to bring these people at par with their potential. The reason this has been essential is that after all we are all human and even the best people with the best attitude tend to compare within an organisation. Such comparisons generally lead to dissatisfaction leading to churn. Added to this complexity is a pattern that I have observed that this category of introverts are generally laced with a certain degree of eccentricity and a certain amount of ego. Due to this, they do not try too hard to persuade, instead find a way outside the organisation.

It will be very interesting to learn the following for me.
1. Does this issue exist in your organisation? If yes, how does your organisation handle this issue?
2. What solutions exist in HR Management as theories (to offer a general guideline) to deal with such situations?


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