Yesterday, I announced to all stakeholders that IT QA will be managed by IBM and I will gradually withdraw.

In the evening, Nabieh came to my office. He said something, the importance of which I realised today morning. He said, “On the day of the marriage, the bride always cries. However, after a few days of staying at her new home, the bride cries when she needs going back to her father’s home”.

The bride has been launched. Now, I have to make sure, she never wants to leave the new home.

Also, I realised that there is so much similarity in every culture about everyday events.

I will never be able to repay for these years in the Corporate World. It has not only taught me most of what I know today; it is actually preparing me for everyday of my future. There are 2 more brides I have to prepare for a whole life ahead of them. Before that I have to program them flawlessly. There is no space for any bugs in these 2 programs. Will I be able to sleep when these User Acceptance Testings are in progress?

English: Man and woman shown working with IBM ...English: Man and woman shown working with IBM type 704 electronic data processing machine used for making computations for aeronautical research. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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