Centralising Master Data

Data has always been a central requirement in any computerisation. The importance of Data has increased multiple times with  realisation that Data can be monetised. We hear that almost every organisation in the world is trying implementing Big Data projects to extract value from the available data. However, to be able to set up an essential platform to extract value from data available in the Enterprise, it is first required that the data be available in a sensible form. There are many ways for the data to be not sensible enough for adequate use for monetisation. Simple examples are that the same data element is present in multiple applications. This results in differences in the same data across applications. Mechanisms like Data Reconciliation exercise solves such issues. However, such exercises do not enhance the quality of data. Also, such exercises are very expensive for an Enterprise as they add cost to IT Operations.

Given below is a formula for centralisation of data. I believe that this formula could be applied to any industry where systems are computerised and data is an essential part in that piece of Engineering. However, this should be definitely possible for implementation in a Telecom Operator environment. Such formula could be especially useful in Enterprises which are consisted of solution components from various vendors. This formula, if found useful, will need substantial elaboration.

It will be nice to debate the aspects of this formula. It will be also nice if the formula could be enhanced. It will be the best if inadequacies of formula could be identified.

Centralising Master Data - Slide 1
Centralising Master Data - Slide 2
Centralising Master Data - Slide 3
Centralising Master Data - Slide 4 - Updated
Centralising Master Data - Slide 5
Centralising Master Data - Slide 6
Centralising Master Data - Slide 7 - Updated
Centralising Master Data - Slide 8
Centralising Master Data - Slide 9
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