I was amazed when I went to Singapore for the first time. In the metro, a lady boarded with her daughter. For some reason, this child began to cry. The lady was horrified and was desperate to get this child to stop crying. She got off at the next station. I was not so sure whether that was where she wanted to get off. I have always wondered whether the need for discipline is so great that a child cannot live as he/she likes even in his/her childhood.

In another incidence in Cyprus, an Iraqi lady had one of 2 sons crying at the Immigration Office in Limassol. This lady tried for some time and ultimately lost her patience and slapped the son 2-3 times. Immediately, 2 elderly Cypriot Ladies came and took the child and started to pacify him. And one of the Immigration Officers took this Iraqi lady for some discussions to her office. I appreciated the act of the Cypriot Ladies and was very touched. I also wondered whether all Ladies need being superhuman to be able to raise a child.

The most fantastic discovery of my life was in Belgium. I was invited by my friend Jan to his house in Turnhout. Sabina had their first child who was about 3 months old. Speaking to Sabina, I discovered that she was the Child Welfare Officer for the village of Turnout. Her job was to keep track of any child abuse of any sort in the village and take corrective measures. That was the day I understood what the true meaning of a country being developed was.

Iraqi girl living next to Al Daura Oil Refiner...


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