My experience with Coursera

I got to know about MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) around middle of 2013. I stumbled upon the eDX website. I started by undergoing a course on Statistics. I found it very interesting. After undergoing about 20 courses in eDX, I started feeling that the courses were very elementary. I expressed this thought in the discussion forum during one of the courses. One of my fellow participants suggested that I check out Coursera. I did so and I have never regretted that. Over the last 4 years I have learnt so much from Coursera.

Today I display all the certificates I have obtained from Coursera. These are arranged in the order they were accomplished. It is not a great deal to be able to obtain a Certificate from Coursera. The Quizes and Tests are formulated in such a manner that almost anyone who undergoes the course will obtain the Certificate. However, what is taught in the Course is really worth as it adds a lot to the knowledge base. At least that is what happened to me and is continues to be the same.

'Coursera YUVMK67JB5F8.pdf'
'Coursera JFVEP79478AF.pdf'
'Coursera EYM53ZUPLT6S.pdf'
'Coursera XNU4BKVYH5TV.pdf'
'Coursera XFQKXNBNLJJP.pdf'
'Coursera 9A4CZ7SWXQ2H.pdf'
'Coursera LCZHFMG6545K.pdf'
'Coursera 3XBY2DK26X9B.pdf'
'Coursera RPLWDUH5ZFVJ.pdf'
'Coursera 2SHQCQ2JDAVL.pdf'
'Coursera XXCX9NSH8UUE.pdf'
'Coursera RHR8AK24VU24.pdf'
'Coursera SKUPSK5T24H4.pdf'
'Coursera BM7ADAP3CK2J.pdf'
'Coursera 2KYQ7PG7SZ2R.pdf'
'Coursera T6SCJEM69H9M.pdf'

In this process, I have completed 3 Specialisations.

'Coursera V7E7Y4X6YZ55.pdf'
'Coursera 92MHYFPZYFE3.pdf'
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