RFP Response Analysis

I started my company – Majumdar Consultancy Pvt Ltd – on 2 January 2014. In January 2014, one Telecom Company from Middle East Asia contacted me for preparing their 3-year Technology Roadmap. We worked for 3 weeks and after studying their existing Architecture and gathering their Business Objectives, etc, we formulated the 3-years Technology Roadmap. We also prepared the RFP (Request for Proposal) document as a part of this work. We got paid USD 60,000 for this work.

Towards the 3rd week of February 2014, the same Telco contacted us for evaluating the Responses to the RFP formulated based on the 3-years Technology Roadmap we had created. We were given 2 weeks time for the same. The PO was issued to us 2 days after we were contacted to do the work.

We studied the responses from 5 giants from the Industry and prepared our report. The initial draft was ready in 1 week. Then we took 1 week to interview the 5 vendors and go through their demonstrations. In the 3rd week, we completed our final report after 2 rounds of evaluation by the Telco (where they asked for additional information).

We did all the work from India. We did not travel one inch from our office. All communication was conducted through Skype. We used Drop Box to collaborate between our Team Members working from Bangalore and Kolkata. We also needed Drop Box to received the RFP Responses and to send our reports as the files were very large in size.

We got paid USD 40,000 for the work of evaluating the responses to the RFP. We made an estimate and concluded that we had ended up saving about USD 50,000 for the Telco in the process.

We only did the Technical Evaluation. After our analysis, the Telco conducted the Financial Evaluation and awarded the project to the vendor we had recommended for a project worth USD 2 Billion.

I present this report as this could be possibly useful for people involved in product / project evaluation. We must have provided something of value as we got paid for our work in 1 month of raising our invoice.

I have masked the names of the companies in the presentation below. However, the concept should still be clear.

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