I believe that the never-ending need of Human is “control”. As the older generation has more knowledge of life on Earth, they tend to control the new generation. This is evident as the parents tell the children how to sit and how to eat, etc. However, the new generation does not take this lightly. They also continuously develop mechanisms by which they tend to control the older generation. When they find the control unbearable, they cry and make such a loud noise that the older generation have to beg them to stop embarrassing them.

This struggle for control between generations is continuous. The new generation realises early that they cannot amass the same level of knowledge as the older generation within reasonable amount of time. So, they have devised a beautiful technique of changing the paradigms of knowledge from time to time. In this technique, now the older generation have to again start learning. This gives time to the younger generation to bridge the gap in knowledge with the older generation.

Now, there are novel ways of achieving this. If the younger generation extend the knowledge of the older generation for creating something new, it benefits all the generations. This is also evolution and is thus completely inclusive of all generations. The new generation could not have done this without the foundations of knowledge laid by the older generation. While, at the same time, the older generation needs learning this new paradigm. So, the control is evenly distributed between the two parties.

One of the recent developments in language is the rapid increase in the use of acronyms. The new generations have been rapidly developing this field of science. The new generation does not have the time to say, “I love you”. Instead, they say “ILU”. This is possibly an outcome from the technological evolution of text messaging. However, the new generation found out that this is a potent tool for controlling the older generation. My daughter sends me a message saying, “SUT”. I rapidly scan my memory for the word and cannot find it. I rush to pick up a dictionary and search for the word. I cannot find it there. Totally exasperated, I reply her, “What do you mean?”. She replies back saying, “See you tomorrow.”. I immediately rush to the bookstore to find a book for learning all the possible acronyms. I cannot loose control over my daughter as otherwise the society will laugh at me.




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