Just because I am stupid, everyone likes playing games with me; because they are sure that they will win. Just because I actually had a dream of becoming a cricketer once upon a time, I also love it when people play games with me. Sometimes people like Namrata play game of elimination with me trying to get inside information about our Company. At other times, people play other mind games with me. I always tag along and give a good fight and then loose in the end; not because I cannot win; but simply because I get tired of the game and again focus on my studies. Also, as I am diabetic, I like being in the gallery and not in the playing arena.

The important thing is that till date The Almighty has always picked me up after the game and dropped me home and then helped me get ready for the next game in life. I only pray that The Almighty’s blessing stays with our family.

Before the end of my life, I will write a book on the different games I have played in life. The World does not value honesty. If I get a chance, I will check whether honesty is valued on Mars. On Earth, if one says that I am happy as I have the basic needs, the World think this fellow has not studied Management and does not know the meaning of Buyer’s Surplus and Profit, etc. The World does not recognise that it is not yet proved whether by adopting this Agro-Pastoralism form of the society whether we have the right dimensions for determining whether these are the right parameters for creating a sustainable society.

!Kung have survived on this planet for more than 100,000 years and yet have no idea of Buyer’s Surplus, etc. They are sure to survive another 100,000 year just by killing animals who come to the water hole and by eating nuts. The modern world, which has survived for less than 10,000 years, thinks it knows everything and yet is always worried whether we will survive the next Asteroid hit on Earth in 2026.

I pray to The Almighty to create many more Forrest Gumps.

Asteroid monitored from outer space to ground ...

Asteroid monitored from outer space to ground impact (Photo credit: SandiaLabs)

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