Security Concerns

My submission on my course on “Engaging India” this week.

I am a certified moron and thus I attempt answering 2 questions on most challenging issues of India’s security this week.

I have also grown up reading about threats from Pakistan and China. I have also been inducted with systematic information about mistrusting Chinese and Pakistanis since childhood. I was told at home that I was fortunate to have my father alive as he survived 2 wars in which he was sent to fight. When I grew up, I got chance to work with Pakistanis and Chinese people, mostly outside India. So, I was very cautious in my interactions with these people. My situation was made more challenging as we were in competing positions. My position was made worse when I was in the position of a leader of our team from India.

However, I came out unscathed from all these interactions. In fact, I have many Pakistani and Chinese friends who routinely find out about my health and well-being. There are many Pakistani friends who routinely thank me as they feel that I made some difference to their lives. I have some Chinese friends who have poured out their sorrows in discussions with me; and we cried together before thinking of ways to overcome the situation.

So, what did I learn? With evidence, I can firmly state that the Pakistani and Chinese people I have come across are least hostile towards Indians. In fact, most of them have similar challenges (read insecurities) in life as most Indians do (as I do). I also found that solutions to their challenges are very similar to that of ours *(Solutions can only be similar and never exactly the same. This is because every problem for every person is unique. Solving every problem effectively is in itself a project and thus the solution has to be unique)*.

But then there are hostilities between people of India and people of Pakistan and China. There are enough evidence of these as well. There are unresolved border disputes. The map of India I studied during my school days is different from the one I see now. The Taj on India’s head no longer looks like a Taj; rather it looks like a Nehru Topi. So, Pakistan and China have occupied territories belonging to India. Who made these non-hostile people of Pakistan and China do this?

It is obvious that people of Pakistan and China have followed their leaders and have done this deformation. But then why did these people listen to their leaders? The disputed areas around Kashmir are most inhospitable to human civilisation. The same applies to the areas around Arunachal Pradesh. So, why are Pakistanis and Chinese people wanting control of these areas? One logic tells that Pakistan wants to desperately prove to their people and to the people of the Islamic world that they are actively fighting to control areas occupied by Muslims. But then Kashmir was only ruled by a Muslim leader and was actually a home to both Hindus and Muslims. This situation was not unique to Kashmir. The same was the case with provinces like Hyderabad. As for the Chinese incursions, I just cannot find any logic. Will Chinese Government send Chinese people to live in Ladakh? Does the Chinese people have less land? I do not think so. Even with its massive population, the density of population across China is less than that of India. Also, **neither Pakistan nor China have any fear of an Indian incursion as India, since independence, has systematically kept its Army in check in fear of a military take over.**

I do not want stating the obvious that this whole atmosphere of tension has been created by the leaders in these 3 countries. **What interests me is the reason for the citizen getting so carried away by these politicians?** In my analysis, this external security concern is caused due to human insecurity in all these 3 countries. In India, we are plagued by incidences of rape and murder. It is not possible that all the miscreants do not have morals for social living. So, the only plausible conclusion is that these people can be coerced into disbanding their morals. The next question is why do these people disband their morals? The answer again seems obvious. It is simply to get over their immediate human insecurities and hope for these human insecurities not to exists for their next generations.

For the world, it would be foolish to ask why do these human insecurities exist in India, China and Pakistan and in fact in this part of the world. Here again, the answer is obvious. The pressure on these lands due to immense population in this region is much more than that of any other part of the world. This immense population on a relatively small piece of land leads to enormous competition for resources available here. In this fight for survival, very often “morals” take a back seat. So, to coerce the people of this region into doing something undesirable is very easy.

We are studying this subject in this course for finding solutions. Having focused on the cause, I propose the following solutions. The aspect for consideration is that when we look at the world, we find that it also obeys the 80-20 rule. What I mean saying that about 20% of the world’s inhabitable areas are inhabited by 80% of the people and the remaining 80% of the inhabitable land is inhabited by 20% of the people. If the world leadership could create a program for systematic distribution of the populations so that at least 60% of the people occupy about 40% of the inhabitable land, the pressures on regions like India could vastly reduce. The reduction in pressure will automatically lead to more flexible thinking and more relaxed life styles. In this relaxed atmosphere, security concerns will only come from outside the Earth and not from within the Earth.

World Population Density Map

Image taken from Google Images

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