Are these Cups of Coffee?

Albert is the butler on our floor. Every morning, on my arriving at the office, he fills my jug with water. He cleans my glass. And he gets me a cup of coffee. He repeats the cups of coffee 2 more times before lunch and 2 times after lunch. At around 4:30 PM, before he leaves office for the day, he fill my thermos with 2-3 cups of coffee so that I can consume them between 6PM – 12 Midnight. He does similar chores for the others on our floor. Apart from this, he never forgets to serve coffee or tea or water to all the guests who visit my office.

The first coffee Albert gets after lunch is a cappuccino. This coffee is special. He always makes some artwork on the surface. I just love his art. I have posted photographs of the same on Facebook. Many of my friends appreciate the art work.

Suddenly, I thought whether these are just cups of coffee or are they an addiction? I am well and truly a fan of this art work of Albert. Before thinking of leaving Mobily to look for another job, I would think of these cups of coffee and the art work of Albert. So, in essence, what Albert has actually achieved is that he has given me yet another reason for working in Mobily. This is surely going the extra mile. This is for sure a performance which has far exceeded the expectation.

Albert dreams of working for a large coffee shop like Starbucks. I surely pray to the Almighty that his dream comes true.

Albert's Work of Art - 1 Albert's Work of Art - 2
Albert's Work of Art - 3 Coffee1
Coffee2 Coffee3
Albert's Work of Art - 4
Albert's Work of Art - 5
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