Arab Driver

My friend in Saudi Arabia told me a story. I relate the same to all of you.

One Arab was driving a car like crazy. He was jumping all the signal (i.e. driving through the signal when the indicator was RED). He continued this unabated. Suddenly, he came to a signal where the indicator was GREEN. He stopped at this signal. Everyone was surprised. They asked the Arab why did he stop when the signal was GREEN. The Arab explained that he stopped because there could be another Arab coming from the other direction.

I laughed at this story as I considered this to be a joke.

In Riyadh, my apartment is just about 10 minutes’ walk from my office. So, during the winters, I generally walk to my office and walk back from office to my apartment. I do this because, on most days, this is only physical exercise I engage in. This is in spite of the fact that I have a treadmill at home. I cannot walk in the summer as it is too hot to walk.

I have to cross one big intersection on my way from my apartment to my office (or vice versa) that is at the intersection of King Fahd Road and the Al Arouba Road. Crossing this intersection means crossing 3 traffic signals in either direction.

One day, I was returning from my office to my apartment. When I reached the first traffic light, I found it to GREEN and thus waited on the footpath for it to turn RED. When it turned RED, I was about to start crossing the road, when a huge car passed me a breakneck speed. It missed me by a whisker. I thanked The Almighty that I was still alive.

I learnt my lesson that day. Now, every time I have to cross the road, I wait till the traffic light has RED and then wait till there is one set of vehicles lined up against the entire Zebra Crossing. If any vehicle have to pass by at that time, they have to drive through this cordon before they can hit me.

English: Kingdom Tower as seen from King Fahd ...

English: Kingdom Tower as seen from King Fahd Road in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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