I undertook a course on “Being Resilient” last month. I never imagined that I would need practicing my learning from the program so early. My response this week to thinking positively and being grateful.

How did the gratitude practices go for you this week? Did you notice any benefits in your mood, how you felt, how you dealt with stress?

This week is a very tough week for me. After having given up a luxurious job in Nov13 to start our business, I earned our first payment of about Rs. 24 Lakhs about 2 weeks back. This should have been enough money for our producing our products for the next 6 months by which time we expect at least one more order. I lost Rs. 25 Lakhs being trapped by a fraudster.

So, I was going through a phase of depression. My wife was first to comfort me. She helped me complain to the Police and get the Banks to try to help us. Next my father comforted me to just carry on and not worry. My friends extended support in recovering the money. My sister and brother-in-law suggested the methods to get the legal support. Lastly, my mother told me today that these are losses which always happens in business and money will come back to sincere and honest people.

I am more or less back to my normal today. I have started studying after a week. I have started looking out for fresh business. I am back to cracking jokes on Facebook. It feels good though the wound is yet to heal completely.

Based on your experience, how do you think practicing gratitude could help people become more resilient?

The world is a mixture of good and bad. We can neither wish away the bad nor expect good at all times. Our philosopher has said that if you do not know what is darkness, you can never appreciate light.

Though I have to be practical about being careful about being cheated, I have always found it more beneficial to focus on the good in every one. At 45 years of age, I do realise that every incidence in life only teaches useful lessons. So, it is extremely useful to be grateful for everything that happens in life.

What was challenging about practicing gratitude?

The challenge at the moment is that though I am sort of comfortable having the support of everyone at this difficult juncture, I cannot help negative thoughts from coming to my mind. I just cannot help thinking that God is being unjust with me. I am thinking that while I do not tell a lie, I do not intentionally harm anyone, I do not steal, etc.; why should God put me and my family in such crisis. We are not so badly off right now. We have some money and we have some earning. However, my thought go back to the year 2000 when we were reduced to a broken family with no money after I was earning more than USD 70000 per annum.

What are your plans about continuing to practice gratitude in the future?

I will think of good things when negative thoughts come to my mind. I will engage in studies and work so that I do not have the time to think of anything else. As is my practice, I will work so hard that when I go to sleep; I just sleep and not think of anything.

Image from Google Images.

Image from Google Images.

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