The race in “Ben Hur”

Though I was good at academics in the young days, I did not go on to higher education beyond graduation level. I found interest in Computer Software Programmer and just programmed to make an earning. However, I was put in roles for managing projects and business, etc. As I did not have formal education in Management and Engineering behind me, I used my knowledge from my learning from films I had seen and from fiction stories I had read. Many times I fantasised myself in the different characters of the film and/or the book. Sometimes I felt that the character was written with me in the mind as I resembled the character just too much or the character seemed resembling me to a large extent.

I often found that I could draw many formulae from the films I had watched. For example, one day my team member from Jordan asked me how he could deal with his 4 other peers in getting them to work on his idea. His challenge was that though the 4 of them were good colleagues, they often did not see eye-to-eye when it came to implementing some new idea proposed by him. I, being the manager of these 5, was the binding force and would get them together on actions. After all of my team was transferred to IBM, they had a fresh challenge for working together without me being the binding force.

When this problem was posed to me, I gave him a plan for how he could carry the 4 along with him; and give them responsibilities they could carry themselves and feel good about it; and all this time he could get his idea implemented. He then posed his next challenge that he did not feel that the 4 were intellectually up to what he thought he needed and thus did not know how to assign them responsibilities. I then told him the story from “Ben Hur”.

In the movie “Ben Hur”, when Ben Hur is asked to make the horses of the Sheik win the race in the Rome, Ben Hur analyses that the 4 horses have different traits. One of his analysis was that he put the slow horse on the inside and the faster horses on the outside. I explained that this was very scientific as in an oval track, the slow horse could drag down the speed while dealing with the curves and the faster horses could race ahead at higher speeds at the turns. This followed from the Physics of the Centrifugal forces.

When I was done, he was now convinced. He came back to me after 3 weeks and said that his plan was under implementation and his managers were very happy with him and the work progress.

Taken from IMDB

Taken from IMDB

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