Cooking Course Assignment


I needed a weighing machine and thermometer to doing my lab exercises for the course on Cooking from Harvard University (offered through I had 1 day to send my assignment.

I got the weighing machine from a shop in Ganganagar in Bangalore (close to my house). The shopkeeper was professional. He took the weighing machine from the shelf. He placed it on his desk. I offered him the credit card. He did not even look at it. He ordered his staff to get a packet of 1 KG Sugar and a packet of 2 KG Sugar. When the staff brought the same, he switched on the machine. He put the 1 KG packet on the weighing machine. The machine showed 1.01 KG. Then he took out this packet and put the 2 KG packet on the weighing machine. The machine showed 2.03 KG. I confirmed that the machine was working fine. He then signed and stamped the Warranty Card. Then he swiped the credit card and I left a very satisfied customer. All this happened at around 10AM in the morning.

I completed the lab assignment about weighing the food material and scored 60 marks. Still there was 40 marks to be scored. For this I needed the Thermometer. I searched the web and found that Amazon had the Digital Thermometer I needed. However, they would deliver in 10 days. Anyway I ordered the same as I would need it for the rest of the course.

Then I searched JustDial and found shops in Bangalore selling Digital Thermometer. The problem was that Digital Thermometers referred here were Clinical Thermometer and I needed something which could measure between -40 degree centigrade and 300 degree centigrade. Anyway I placed a query on JustDial. Within 1 hour I got a call from a shop in Gandhinagar in Bangalore. I explained my need to the person. He said he needed waiting for his technical consultant and would get back to me. He did not get back for the next 2 hours. I gave him a call again. He said he would get back in 5 minutes. Again he did not get back. I called him again after another 30 minutes. This time he said that he had a digital thermometer for my need and it would cost Rs. 750. I agreed.

I asked for directions to his shop. He started explaining and I did not understand anything. So, I requested if he could deliver to my house. I would pay for the delivery. I explained my desperation for scoring the 40 marks. He said that I would not need paying any delivery charges. As he stayed in RT Nagar, he would deliver it himself on 03Dec2013 by 10AM. This was tight. However, I could live with this. So, we agreed.

At 6PM, I went to Patel Inn to play Badminton. I got a call from this gentleman. He said that he could arrange to deliver the thermometer in the next 30 minutes. I was delighted. I requested if he could deliver at Patel Inn. He was also delighted as Patel Inn was known to him. In half an hour, the delivery person arrived in a scooter. He gave me the Thermometer and I paid him Rs. 750.

I finished playing 2 games of Badminton. As I was hungry, I ordered a cup of Tea and a Vegetable Sandwich at the restaurant in Patel Inn. When the Tea arrived, I took out the Thermometer and dipped it in the Tea. The thermometer showed 64 degree centigrade.

I came home. I did my experiment on melting sugar and completed my assignment. I scored the needed 40 marks.

I have forgotten the name of the shops from where I bought both these equipment. However, I will find it out. I will provide this soon.

I will do my best to learn the most from this course. The course is being delivered by the best Scientists in the world and by some of the best Chefs in the world. And now I am indebted to these 2 gentlemen.


Weighing Machine and Thermometer


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